Pay employee salaries in Dubai

Fast deployment solution for start-ups and SME's

Payroll compliant audits in UAE & rest of GCC

Reduced risk & statutory compliance.


Outsourcing your payroll with OPS gives you a triad benefit of payroll expertise, robust software and secure hosting to make outsourcing a strategic and cost effective advantage.


According to a Hackett report (2011), “top performing payroll organisations expect to decrease their focus on transactional activities progressively in the next 5 years. They intend to shift their focus of work on more analytical type activities – root cause analysis, building strategic internal relationships and process improvement initiatives aimed at increasing their payroll performance.”


“Even if I have a part-time accountant helping with payroll I still end up paying much more than I pay to outsource.”

“We never realised starting a business in the UAE could be so difficult. Apart from getting things done, there are so many things dependent on each other. Getting a bank account for employees is dependent on getting them visas, and payroll cannot be done unless registrations are in place.   When we finally outsourced payroll, these woes were taken care of and we could start working on the business again.”

“The beauty of outsourcing payroll is that we do not have to worry about bank transfers any more. Paying in different currencies to banks all over the world was a nightmare, and salaries were often delayed. Now salaries hit the bank accounts of employees on the dates we want it to, and we don’t have to deal with different banks.”

“Outsourcing payroll has given me extra time to focus on other HR tasks. That’s been great for our business. I’ve also managed to present additional reports to line management, and they gave me excellent feedback.”

“We run payroll in the UAE, Oman, Saudi and Qatar, and we are happy to leave the changes in rules and regulations to the experts at OPS.”

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