Classic Payroll

Pay employee salaries in Dubai

Fast deployment solution for start-ups and SME's

Payroll compliant audits in UAE & rest of GCC

Reduced risk & statutory compliance.

A bespoke service for clients that requires precision payroll at all times, whether large or small. Catering to single or multiple cross-country payroll processes on a single platform, business processes and regulations are integrated into the payroll processing, eliminating manual processing.


  • Payroll rules set to align with client’s HR policy and calculation methodologies
  • Standard regular payroll reporting such as gross to net, reconciliation, variance and payroll master reports
  • Total flexibility, ranging from integrating payroll specific rules during setup, payroll processing dates, company specific calendar, bank disbursement options, multicurrency payments, encrypted payslip distribution through unique login details, a self- service portal and more
  • Facilitation of payments outside payroll such off cycle payruns, bonuses, commissions, etc.
  • WPS calculations, GOSI, social security, taxes for Levant countries, PASI, etc.
  • Compounded flight ticket module
  • Integration with electronic bank payments
  • Services such as final settlement reports, gratuity calculations, accrual reports and more
  • Custom made reports setup with a dynamic report writer
  • Internal audit compliance processes
  • Financial General Ledger reporting with itemised and summarised journal entries in flexible file format according to the accounting department’s specifications, coupled with automated or excel interface into the company’s accounting system
  • Scalable – allows companies to run multicountry payrolls, each compliant to that country’s legislations, with the option of individual and consolidated reporting