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Payroll Treasury—What is it and what are the advantages?

Companies with payroll disbursements in more than one country face many risks like salary payments being on time, secure and compliant. There is a solution – Payroll Treasury Services.   What is a payroll treasury service? How www.dictionary.com describes ‘treasury’, really sums it up: “treasury[trezh-uh-ree] noun, plural treasuries. A place where the funds of the […]

Expat Tax for South Africans

With effect March 2019, the South African Government is planning to change the taxation laws for ‘tax residents’ living and earning outside of South Africa. For the past 16 years, South African law stated that if a ‘tax resident’ is working abroad for more than 183 days a year and 60 days of those are […]

Generosity Burnout in Organisations

Who are the Takers, Matchers, Self- Protective Givers, Selfless Givers in your organization? Harvard Business Review Professor Adam Grant and Reb Rebele from Wharton University of Pennsylvania “Although givers are the most valuable people in organizations, they’re also at the greatest risk for burnout. When they don’t protect themselves, their investments in others can cause […]

Is it Practical to Outsource Your Payroll?

Make a decision by conducting a feasibility study. Article by Diana Geldenhuys | M.Com HR  I  Managing Director, Outsourced Payroll Solutions For many businesses, there are advantages to outsourcing their payroll, such as cost efficiencies, consistency, labour law compliance etc. OPS encourages you to dig deeper, and thoroughly analyse whether outsourcing your payroll would make sense […]

Are your payroll controls and legal requirements in place?

Article by Diana Geldenhuys | M.Com HR  I  Managing Director, Outsourced Payroll Solutions One of our Payroll Specialists was recently asked to assist a company in navigating through a rather difficult separation process with an Employee. The Employee argued for his final settlement to be significantly more. He questioned the prorated work days calculation, the way the […]

What Paddling taught me about Payroll

Article by Diana Geldenhuys | M.Com HR I Managing Director, Outsourced Payroll Solutions I love Surfski. The feeling of catching waves, and stretching your gaze to where sea and sky fuse into blue, is something that is hard to describe. Those early morning paddling times, when most of Dubai is still asleep, is just indescribable. […]